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And some of Taiwan

I want to share too some pictures of Taipei and The counties around

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Hi my name is Lily and since 20th April I`m living in Taiwan as a trainee of an organization called AIESEC, this one gives opportunities to people around the world to have a different experiences of the world itself, and spread the word about youth and good wishes of leadership, and encourage others to be more open between themselves….

Ok my work started in Colombia where I come from, a country misunderstood and that the information that to many people knows about it it`s a little bit  mistaken, so, Colombia is a country full beautiful streets, beautiful people kind and full of joy, despite of all the problems that they have. We have around 45.273.936 million people living in a country with beautiful beaches, high mountains full of trees of the so famous colombian coffee. A combination of weathers that makes possible a huge variety of plants and animals, it is like that, because “Los Andes” a big chain of mountains pass through Colombia and split into other three chain of mountains, that`s why in some places in the highest of the mountain can be so cold and other down the mountain can be really hot.

I came here to show that part of Colombia that are never shown in hollywood movies, the history, our language, they way the people are, our variety of plants, animals, the music, anyway, my culture…

Colombia 2

bandeja paisa


Carnaval de Barranquilla - Cumbia

Why did I choose Taiwan? Well, first I was searching for an internship in any part of Asia, because first it is a dream, I love Asia; and second I really wanted to feel how hard work feels.

If you take the time to search some information you will know that taiwanese are well known for being really kind with foreign people, indeed they are, and hard working; and this contry is a nice mix of the countries around, for me it was a little bit hard the change of the hours, but now I`m ok…..


I worked in a School named Hsing Hua Elementary school, it has around 700 hundred students from kinder garden to sixth grade, is a really big school with a high level, first I introduced my country to them:


And then I teach them how to make some dolls, after that I teach them a little bit of spanish, at least now they can say “hola” to everyone, I`ve tried to teach them “Cumbia”

A traditional dance from Colombia, and also to the third grade students I teach them a song in spanish, a really common one around the little kids in Colombia, it`s called: “la iguana y el peresozo” it was hard beacuse I don`t speak chinese, I`m just learning right now, but I made it, I don`t know how, they performed really well I think, spanish is a really hard language for Taiwanese people…and finally I helped with english classes, I made a few activities for them:

What do you like

Lesson five: what do you like?

cross word

I read them a story and this is the character of it

I wish I had a picture when they finished it, it was a good activity they kids like it so much

This was for Third grade students…and now for the second grade:

Easter eggs

The lesson that week was about easter, so, first the lesson, and then I made them do an easter egg and an easter bunny…

Ok, and finally I share a lot of time with the kids, the have 40 minute class and in between 10 minutes of break, in those ten minutes sometimes I laughed with them and made jokes with them, or just scream, and that was it….

I thank to the school, the teachers, and the principal and AIESEC…

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